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The human brain has the capacity to store unbelievable amounts of information . However, the problem is recalling this information when needed. Memorising volumes of data from different subjects is not an easy task for anyone especially students. Further, to recall all that is a magnanimous task.

Discover Brain Mark Enhancement Techniques are exercise of brain specially designed to train to memorize what one sees, listens, smells and testes. Memory can be developed like muscles and Mark Enhancement techniques help to improve the power of memorizing and recalling. A 16 to 22 hours training given to students helps them understand and implement the techniques to enhance their recalling power. Discover Brain Mark Enhancement Techniques help student to learn memorize in the easiest and fun way yet get better marks. Better and excellent marks are equivalent to dream careers and a superb future.

Types of Mnemonics for Good Memory

  • Connection Mnemonics
  • Note Organization Mnemonics
  • Name Mnemonics
  • Expression or Word Mnemonics
  • Spelling Mnemonics
  • Ode or Rhyme Mnemonics
  • Music Mnemonics
  • Image Mnemonics
  • Model Mnemonics

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