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Dermatoglyphics is branch of science that deals with study of patterns and ridges on the skin of the fingertips.

Dermatoglyphics analysis is the combination of new computer technology and science (Quantitative analysis), by scanning and comparing the fingerprint patterns, we are able to find out the inborn advantages and give suggestions according to each person’s own characteristics with no bias. Moreover, one’s fingerprints will never alter in the entire life so it is totally different from fortune tellers, which only predicts the future by looking at palms.

Our Brain

The human brain is the most fascinating three pounds of matter in this universe. During brain development, 2.50,000 neurons are added every minute. The right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and vice versa. The hemispheres are divided into what kind of through they process or produce

Fingerprints and Brain – How it connects?

It all started when, American doctors discovered babies who had no brain. It was interesting to note that these babies did not have fingerprints either. From there, scientist found a correlation between fingerprints and brain

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